Dla tych co kochają skandynawski design i industrialny styl to nazwisko powinno być znane. Wraz z Pauliną Arcklin tworzą genialny duet. Dziś Renee spacjalnie dla Was, za moja prośbą, napisała o swojej pasji, pracy, życiu i przyjaźni z Pauliną. A jutro kolejna niespodzianka :)!!!

//For those who love Scandinavian design and industrial style this name is known. She create brilliant duo with Paulina Arcklin. Today Renee, special for you, wrote about her passion, work, life and friendship with Paulina. And tomorrow another surprise for you!//

Dear readers, as you know my name is Renee and i’m thirty-six years old.
My life is all about styling, loving, friendship and my four cats.
While my neighborhood friends were playing outside, I rather stayed indoors.
Not playing with my dolls ( I only used them for the clothing my mom made for them, when I askt her to) but writing about my dreams, desires and talking to my doorposter of Madonna. Telling “her” I would do amazing things myself someday.
I knew she knew too : ) To subsequntly change my room for the third time that week. My mom was very happy with me : ) Growing up my life was all about writing, reading, styling my bedroom and clothing. I loved cleaning my parents house as well. My mom took me to flea markets and taught me everything about buying second hand furniture and refurbishing them.
So it is not very strange that after my welfare career of almost ten years, I went back to what I love most. It was no easy way back, finding my passion. It was reahter that my passion found me.
So now I’m the concept developer & interior designer of this amazing concept store at design capital Eindhoven.
The concept of the store consists of earthy materials, colors and crafts. My work and passion are the styling and interior designing of the store. Even though i love my work, it is to limited for me. I also want to furnish houses, love furniture refurbishing, directing photo shoots , and write home stories and be  responsible for the styling. Therefor I wander  flea after flea market. And pick the people I look up to, to work with. My most favorite person at this moment is my dear friend, talented photographer and stylist Paulina Arcklin. Her work show’s how passionate she is. Love that about her! And also her style suits mine like a match made in heaven.
Whenever you feel like sharing, or you want to know more or feel like working on projects together, feel free to contact me.

Love Renee

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